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News and Info


Regular Council Meeting Minutes

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The RM of Kellross office is now located in the former Credit Union building in Lestock, Sk.
The Phone number is now 306-274-4423.







Rural Municipal Administration Scholarship Program
SARM has developed a Rural Municipal Administration Scholarship Program for students enrolled in the Local Government Authority Certificate Program at the University of Regina.  Three scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded annually, paid at the end of the completed semester.  Applications must be received by SARM no later than October 15th and must be supported by confirmation of enrolment during the current year.  Selection is based on academic achievement, demonstrated interest in administration as a career in rural Saskatchewan, and contributions to and knowledge of rural Saskatchewan.  This program is designed to promote the profession of rural administration to students, and to complement SARMís ongoing Rural Municipal Administrator Internship Program (MAIP).  For more information click here.



Mill Rates for 2023



All School Divisions - Agricultural Property


All School Divisions - Residential Property


All School Divisions - Commercial/Industry Property


All School Divisions - Resource (oil and gas, mines and pipelines)




Items to Remember

- Please remember to inform the Fire Control Center of any controlled burns you are planning.  The number is 1-866-404-4911.  Informing the Center about controlled burns will prevent false alarms and conserve precious resources for volunteer fire departments.  You will need to provide your name, the land location of the burn and what you will be burning.  REMEMBER - Whoever is lighting the fire is responsible for the call.  It is also suggested that a tractor with lights on or flashing be present at the fire so people passing by will know someone is attending to the fire and maybe not make an unnecessary call.

- Please be advised that the water from the Millersdale Well at SW-18-25-14-W2; Kelliher Well at SW-27-25-13-W2 and Arpad Well at SW-04-26-15-W2 water supply that is available to the public is not potable (unsafe for human consumption).  DO NOT USE this water for drinking, cooking, food preparation and oral hygiene purposes.  The water from these wells is not treated tested and is considered to be unsafe for drinking, cooking and oral hygiene purposes.

-  Fences must not be erected on the Municipal right of way.  Stones, debris, etc must be kept clear 150 feet from the center of the road. 

-  There is a charge for all lanes and parking lot snow plowing except where there are turn-arounds, and also there will no snow plowing around grain bins, bale piles, etc.

- When passing municipal equipment, please slow down to 60 kilometers per hour. Your Name and license plate number will be taken by the Equipment Operators and you will be reported to the Police.







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