The Rural Municipality of Kellross No. 247



Here are some of our bylaws, you can download and read them here or you can get a printed copy at our office.

These bylaws are provided in .pdf format, you will need Adobe Reader to download them.

Bylaw # 2018-08 The Animal Control Bylaw.pdf

        A Bylaw to provide for the licensing, prohibiting, regulating and controlling of animals and animals at large within the special service area of Lestock.


Bylaw # 2021-04 Council Procedure Bylaw.pdf

        A Bylaw to regulate the proceedings of municipal council and council's committees

Bylaw # 2020-01 Utility Management By-Law.pdf

        A Bylaw to regulate utilities and waste management

Bylaw # 2018-04 Business Licence Bylaw.pdf

        A Bylaw to clarify, regulate and license any business, trade or calling

Bylaw # 2018-01 Tarping Bylaw.pdf

        A Bylaw to contain cargo being hauled on municipal roads

Bylaws # 2015-09 Bylaw to Establish Employee Code of Conduct.pdf

        A Bylaw to establish a municipal employee code of conduct

Bylaw # 2013-02 Building Bylaw

        A Bylaw respecting buildings

Bylaw # 2012-03 Bylaw to Establish A Mail-in Ballot Voting System

A Bylaw to establish a mail-in ballot voting system.

Bylaw # 2009-3 Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan

Bylaw # 2009-2 Zoning Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw # 2006-5 General Penalty Bylaw

A Bylaw to establish penalties for contravention of Bylaws.

Bylaw # 2005-5 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

The purpose of this Bylaw is to provide for the abatement of nuisances.

Bylaw # 2005-6 Public Notice Policy Bylaw

The purpose of this Policy is to set out the minimum notice requirements.

Bylaw # 2005-7 Administrative Bylaw

The purpose of this Bylaw is to establish the powers, duties and functions of municipal officials and/or employees of the municipality.





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