The Rural Municipality of Kellross No. 247


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Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Kellross No. 247


Next Council Meeting is on Wednesday September 7, 2016 at  8:00 A.M. at the RM Office.   

Quote: "If you are waiting for your ship to come in - you may have already missed the boat."

Job Posting

Light Equipment Operator

Details here.



Before you travel a distance, give the Office a call to make sure it is open -the Administrator attends various meetings.





The Rural Municipality of Kellross is located in east central Saskatchewan along Highways #35 and #15.










This is garbage dumped in the Rural Municipality of Kellross No. 247.

The fine for contravention of the Nuisance Abatement Bylaw is $500.


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Our RM surrounds the Villages of Kelliher, Leross and Lestock and the Muskowecan First Nation.

Our population, excluding the Villages and the First Nation, is 390 persons.

The Rural Municipality of Kellross No 247 values its rural character and believes it is important to sustain the natural resources and agricultural features of the land. Growth and expansion will be welcomed providing the proposal will be done in harmony with the existing development and will not cause undue hardship to the residents of the municipality.

The Rural Municipality of Kellross No 247 believes that land is a valuable resource. Land, along with all the resources within the municipality, must be managed, preserved, and developed efficiently and effectively through land use planning. Planning will provide for land use certainty and will guide future land use and physical development.

The goals for the Rural Municipality of Kellross No. 247 are identified as follows:
To preserve and enhance the agricultural economic base of the municipality.
To enhance the rural way of life in the municipality and provide for new opportunities
that support that way of life.
To promote orderly and appropriate development of the land and of services to support
that development.
To support land uses that will maintain the productivity and the environmental quality
for future generations.



Just to let you know, the Crop Compensation for seeded acres increased to $450 per acre while the natural pasture remains at $250 per acre.

Ratepayer's of the RM

If you are wanting municipal gravel for personal use, please call the R.M. Office to make arrangements.  Effective February 8, 2016 gravel for ratepayers is $5.00 per yard, and a maximum of 30 yards per ratepayer per year.

Fire Control Center Number is 1-866-404-4911





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